Adytum: Symbiosis, Vol 1


Jessica Grilli

Photographer and Teacher, Australia

Jessica Grilli is a gifted freelance photographer with a penchant for capturing the nuances,...


Dylan Smith

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Australia

Dylan Smith is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, holistic health educator and the founder of...


Landscape Architecture: Villa Vizcaya

Written by Bradley Zanetti

A garden once dismissed as a stylistic mishmash now conjures nostalgia for an impossible...


Plant Awareness

Written by Lia Everett

Just as we instinctively order everyday items into groups according to size, shape and colour,...


Alana Wilson

Artist, Australia

Working primarily in the field of ceramic art, Alana’s deep connection to the natural world is...


Emily Padan + Mauricio Padilla

Temporary stay providers, Canada

Nestled in the Canadian woods are two purpose-built homes created by Mauricio Padilla and his...


The Reverie

Photography and words by Zoe Helene Spaleta

In his journals, Muir wrote that he believed humans enter a different kind of reverie when we...


Magical Plants

Written by Marina Biang

For all their intricate symbolic force, from the Palaeolithic to today’s herbalism, plants are...


Biophilic Interiors

Written by Lily Goodwin

Do we want to be calmer, happier individuals, in more peaceful communities, with increased health...


Melanie Stapleton

Florist, New Zealand

Melanie has worked as a florist since she was 16 years old and is the owner of the recently...


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