What is Hinter?

Hinter is a hotel startup, trying to innovate the way hotels or short-term rentals operate. We see ourselves as a hybrid between the shared economy and traditional hotels. We are trying to combine these two worlds and provide a different experience—cabins hidden in the woods or nestled in nature. Our places provide guests with an experience that you cannot have when staying at a hotel—privacy, time with yourself and your loved ones. Instead of renting a room in a building, at Hinter, you rent an entire space, and with that comes an uninterrupted experience directly with nature.

Given the remote locations of Hinter properties, how do you go about ensuring that your builds are as low-impact as possible?

The way we approach constructing our properties is as low-impact on the environment as possible. We are starting to design prefabricated structures that are built off-site and then essentially dropped into place, which inevitably results in a low-impact approach. We don’t undertake any landscaping around our properties, we work with what is existing and what nature provides us with. The houses use septic tanks and wells which means there is no need for intensive excavation. The idea is to keep our touch as minimal as possible. 

And what about your design teams—what is your approach to hiring architects?

We work with architects who are interested in exploring innovation in design and sustainability. As we move forward, the idea is to collaborate with various architects from around the globe who want to put their work out there. How we pick an architect is based on their alignment with our values and their commitment to sustainable building. 

What triggered your interest in designing spaces that are hidden in nature?

Sharing our love of nature with our guests was the driving force behind starting Hinter. We believe that being immersed in nature has a direct and positive impact on wellbeing. When done well, the idea of creating a space where one can essentially live in nature, facilitated by high-quality architecture and design, all comes together with perfect harmony. We believe we are part of something that gives more than it takes—we hope to educate guests on sustainability while they stay with us and we also aim to give back to nature as a business, which is why we plant 10 trees per booking. 

What role do you think thoughtful and considered design plays in the success of your properties? Specifically, when considering the relationship that each build has with nature?

Arriving at a Hinter property, you’re instantly immersed in the outdoors, even when you are snuggly tucked away inside by the fire. Inside is out and outside is in—there are very blurred boundaries between these two spaces, and that is entirely intentional. You can visit a 5-star hotel that is beautiful and luxurious but is it inspiring? Often not. There’s always a missing piece and we believe that it’s the relationship our spaces have with nature and how they were designed with consideration of the surrounding environment, and how this recharges and inspires guests. Our spaces are often used as creative outlets—people come to produce creative works, to write, photograph their environment, produce music—and this is all linked to the connection with nature.