Adytum: Treatments


Adytum’s line of all natural skincare and ritual formulations draws on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions while harnessing the power of nature. Used exclusively throughout all treatments, our range is all natural, botanical-based, certified organic and vegan. 


Relaxation Massage

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

Calm the nervous system, melt away tension and restore inner balance.

Swedish Massage

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

Stimulate flow and vitality, enhance circulation and support immunity.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINS | $160
90 MINS | $200

Targeting points of discomfort, sore spots vanish and relief is found.

Remedial Massage

60 MINS | $160
90 MINS | $200

Expertly performed, soft tissue manipulation to dissolve deep-seated tension.

Stretch Therapy

30 MINS (half body) | $80
60 MINS (full body) | $150

Designed to restore healthy movement, decrease areas of restriction causing pain and elongate limbs.

Pregnancy Massage

60 MINS | $160
90 MINS | $200

Affectionately administered, reduce stress and pressure while stimulating flow.

Face Massage

30 MINS | $60

Acupressure techniques enhance circulation and restore equilibrium.

Gua Sha Massage

30 MINS | $60

A full body Gua Sha massage removes energy blocks and drains a stagnant lymph.

Shoulder, Neck & Scalp Massage

30 MINS | $60

Stress begone with an ascension from the shoulder, to the neck and concluding at the scalp.

Scalp Massage

30 MINS | $60

Fragrant botanical oils impart lustre to tresses while a scalp massage will free the headspace.

Foot Massage

30 MINS | $60

Harnessing pressure-point massage to rejuvenate tired soles and rebalance energy.


Hydrate Facial

60 MINS | $150

Intensely nourishing and illuminating for dull, dry, stressed and tired skin with concentrated doses of potent botanicals. Formulated to maintain skin hydration and sustained luminosity.

Detox Facial

60 MINS | $150

Thoroughly cleansing and skin- brightening to bring congested, patchy and less-than-glowing skin back into equilibrium. Combines a deep botanical exfoliation, detoxifying clay massage and lymph-stimulating Gua Sha facial massage.

Micro Facial

30 MINS | $80

An intensive treatment for dull complexions that delivers concentrated doses of Vitamin A massaged into the skin using chilled cryo balls to enhance circulation and optimise serum absorption.


Body Scrub

60 MINS | $150

Invigorate the skin with a full body oil application and revitalising sugar scrub. A warm shower is followed by a hydrating body butter application to soften the skin for radiance.

Body Scrub & Wrap

90 MINS | $200

Revitalise skin texture with a full body oil application, revitalising sugar scrub, nourishing clay body mask and a scalp massage for complete relaxation. After a warm shower, a hydrating body butter application leaves skin lustrous.


Journey To Harmony

150 MINS | $300

Fostering a renewed sense of self and calm, we open with a full body scrub to gently exfoliate the skin while a cocooning wrap initiates a period of stillness. A relaxation massage promotes the transfer of energy throughout the body to dissipate stress while a scalp massage and leave-in hair treatment will settle the nervous system and free the headspace.

Journey To Vitality

150 MINS | $300

Targeting purification on every level, we open with a dry body brush to stimulate the lymph and invigorate tired and dull skin. A deeply detoxifying facial lifts impurities while a Gua Sha face massage works to reduce inflammation. We conclude with a targeted, deep tissue massage to release sore spots and trapped emotions.

Journey To Reconnection

150 MINS | $300

Inviting reconnection with the self and imbuing a deep sense of restoration, we open with a rhythmic Swedish massage that utilises long strokes and kneading to penetrate muscle fibres in order to stimulate whole-body flow. An intensely nourishing and illuminating hydration facial promotes sustained luminosity while a heavenly foot massage awakens tired soles.

Holistic Therapy


90 MINS | $170

Our Reiki practitioner can assist in releasing stress and activating your body’s natural healing abilities through the adjustment of energy frequencies in the physical body. 


75 MINS, initial | $160
60 MINS, follow up | $130

Our Naturopathic practitioner works within an established clinical framework to create harmony between your body, mind and spirit and to clarify your health and wellbeing priorities, to set you on a path to vitality.  


120 MINS, full birth chart reading | $250
40 MINS, sun moon & ascendant reading | $100

Our Vedic Astrologist studies your birth chart to guide you on a pathway to understanding your life path; working to clarify your priorities, assessing your strengths and weakness, identify future events and ultimately creating harmony between mind and spirit.

Herbal Medicine

30 MINS, acute consultation | $80
60 MINS, follow up | $130
75 MINS, initial | $160

Our Herbalist harnesses the healing power of plants and natural medicines to treat various ailments and concerns to enhance overall health and wellbeing.


75 MINS, initial | $110
60 MINS, follow up | $90

Our Acupuncturist works within an established clinical framework to diagnose patterns of disharmony within the body and perform personalised treatments to nourish, restore, align and heal. *Adytum accepts private health claims for Acupuncture.

Emotional Detox (Chi Nei Tsang)

120 MINS, initial | $220
60 MINS, follow up | $150

Our Chei Nei Tsang practitioner uses abdominal acupressure techniques to restore balance and release stuck energy in the organs. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. Our belly contains the memory of all our past emotions. Emotional Detox is an ancient form of abdominal massage which detoxifies and energises the body.  It blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques.

Intuitive Bodywork

75 MINS | $220
90 MINS | $190
120 MINS | $250

Intuitive bodywork is a holistic, hands-on therapy designed to support the body’s natural healing intelligence via therapeutic massage and body-centred modalities and techniques. 



60 MINS, 1 person | $80
60 MINS, 2 people | $160
90 MINS, 1 person | $100
90 MINS, 2 people | $180

A private oasis honouring the ancient ritual of bathing. Featuring a traditional hot rock sauna, Turkish bath and cold pail shower. The Adytum bathhouse is a private facility, intended to be used by a maximum of two guests (known to each other), per session.


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