Adytum: Treatments


Adytum’s line of all natural skincare and ritual formulations draws on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions while harnessing the power of nature. Used exclusively throughout all treatments, our range is all natural, botanical-based, certified organic and vegan. 

Core Rituals

Therapeutic techniques that promote harmony in the body and mind.

Grounding Ritual

Relaxation Massage

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

A full body relaxation massage to ease stress and tension. Concludes with a scalp massage that induces a deep level of stillness.

Revitalising Ritual

Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

Combining detoxifying and energising practices in order to revitalise the self, a deep tissue massage works to release sore spots.

Nourishing Ritual

Swedish Massage

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

Opening with a dry body brush to stimulate the lymph, a vigorous Swedish massage works to release endorphins and support immunity.

Expectant Ritual

60 MINS | $150
90 MINS | $190

Therapeutic massage for pregnancy

A therapeutic pregnancy massage that aids in reducing stress and pressure whilst stimulating blood and lymphatic flow.


Integrative beauty and wellness rituals.

Body Brush

*must be booked in conjunction with a 60-minute treatment

15 MINS | $40

A dry body brush treatment to stimulate the lymph and invigorate tired skin.

Body Scrub + Wrap

60 MINS | $140

A skin-brightening body scrub using pure botanical extracts and sugars, followed by an ultra-nourishing full body wrap.

Gua Sha Facial

60 MINS | $140

Stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation with our traditional Gua Sha facial.

Hydrating Facial

60 MINS | $140

A botanical cleanse followed by a coconut shell exfoliation and potent facial oil infusion. Concludes with a neck, shoulder and arm massage while a hydrating clay mask offers a radiating post-treatment glow.


60 MINS | $90

An indulgent hand and nail treatment to soothe and regenerate new cell growth, includes a full-service manicure and a luxurious hand and arm massage. Concludes with your choice of Dazzle Dry or Sienna Byron Bay, vegan nail polish.

+ EVO gel polish

ADD 30 MINS | $35


60 MINS | $90

This treatment begins with a revitalising foot compress and circulation-stimulating massage to balance your body’s natural energy flow before your feet are buffed back into shape. Concluding with a full-service pedicure and your choice of Dazzle Dry or Sienna Byron Bay, vegan nail polish.

+ EVO gel polish

ADD 30 MINS | $35


Luxury rituals conducted from private, cavernous pods. Offering calm and balance, completed within 30 minutes.

Face Massage

30 MINS | $60

Utilising acupressure techniques to relieve jaw tension, ease headaches, reduce swelling and induce a deep level of relaxation.

Hand, Arm and Shoulder Massage

30 MINS | $60

Release stress and find balance—a sublime ascension through the hand, arm and shoulder.

Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage

30 MINS | $60

Free the headspace—a sublime ascension through the shoulder, neck and scalp.

Foot Massage

30 MINS | $60

Harnessing pressure-point massage and warm towel compression to awaken tired soles and rebalance energy.

Vitamin Infusion

30 MINS | $60

A vitamin infused gauze mask provides a potent dose of nourishment to hydrate and brighten the complexion while a cryo ball massage enhances circulation.

Eye Therapy

30 MINS | $60

An antidote for tired eyes, a hydrating serum is gently massaged into the eye area as a chilled, rose quartz mask soothes.

Hair + Scalp Treatment

30 MINS | $60

Nourishing and hydrating, a botanical-rich hair oil is massaged into the scalp and combed through the tresses while a hot towel cocoon imparts lustre.

Nail Fortification

30 MINS | $60

Prioritising the health and appearance of nails; a buff and file neatens while a cuticle and hand/foot massage harnesses the power of pure botanical extracts to promote healing and new cell growth.

Spa Journeys

Targeted collections of Adytum rituals, each offering a well-rounded, holistic self-care experience.

Journey To Harmony

For those seeking reconnection, stillness and perspective.

150 MINS | $300

This journey fosters a renewed sense of self and calm – it begins with a full body scrub to gently exfoliate the skin while a cocooning wrap initiates a period of stillness during which an over ear, guided meditation calms the mind. A relaxation massage ensues that promotes the transfer of energy throughout the body. We conclude with a heavenly, botanical oil scalp massage and leave-in hair treatment to induce a final state of stillness. 

Journey To Vitality

For those seeking lightness, breathing space and a fresh start. 

150 MINS | $300

This journey targets purification on every level, from clearing the skin and detoxifying the body’s organs, to removing negative energy and focusing the mind – it opens with a full body, dry body brush to stimulate the lymph. A traditional, Gua Sha facial follows to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation, during which an over ear, guided meditation focuses the mind. We conclude with a detoxifying deep tissue massage to release sore spots. 

Journey To Reconnection

For those seeking regeneration, recuperation and healing.

150 MINS | $300

This journey encourages reconnection with the self through healing, restorative and rejuvenation practices – it opens with a rhythmic Swedish massage to ease muscular tension, fostering a complete sense of restoration. A thoroughly hydrating facial follows, imbuing radiance during which an over ear, guided meditation reconnects the mind. We conclude with a foot massage to rejuvenate tired feet.

Holistic Therapy

Explore our integrated, holistic health and wellbeing offering.


145 MINS | $170

Our Reiki practitioner can assist in releasing stress and activating your body’s natural healing abilities through the adjustment of energy frequencies in the physical body. 


75 MINS, initial | $160
60 MINS, follow up | $130

Our Naturopathic practitioner works within an established clinical framework to create harmony between your body, mind and spirit and to clarify your health and wellbeing priorities, to set you on a path to vitality.  


120 MINS, full birth chart reading | $200
40 MINS, sun moon & ascendant reading | $85

Our Vedic Astrologist studies your birth chart to guide you on a pathway to understanding your life path; working to clarify your priorities, assessing your strengths and weakness, identify future events and ultimately creating harmony between mind and spirit.

Herbal Medicine

30 MINS, acute consultation | $80
60 MINS, follow up | $130
75 MINS, initial | $160

Our Herbalist harnesses the healing power of plants and natural medicines to treat various ailments and concerns to enhance overall health and wellbeing.


75 MINS, initial | $110
60 MINS, follow up | $90

Our Acupuncturist works within an established clinical framework to diagnose patterns of disharmony within the body and perform personalised treatments to nourish, restore, align and heal.

Sound Healing

75 MINS | $80

Our Sound Healing practitioner hosts sound baths at Adytum in an intimate group setting. Utilising a collection of instruments from around the world, you will experience a deeply rejuvenating and restorative sound journey with the unique vibrations of the various instruments cultivating the body’s natural healing potential, leaving you in a truly elevated state. 

Emotional Detox (Chi Nei Tsang)

120 MINS, initial | $220
60 MINS, follow up | $150

Our Chei Nei Tsang practitioner uses abdominal acupressure techniques to restore balance and release stuck energy in the organs. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. Our belly contains the memory of all our past emotions. Emotional Detox is an ancient form of abdominal massage which detoxifies and energises the body.  It blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques.

Human Design

60 MINS | $220

Human Design is a tool for self-discovery and provides a map of your soul’s reincarnation in this lifetime. It details the person you came to be, what you’re here to experience and how to best engage with life — supporting you to live as your highest and most powerful self.   

Intuitive Bodywork

75 MINS | $220
90 MINS | $190
120 MINS | $250

Intuitive bodywork is a holistic, hands-on therapy designed to support the body’s natural healing intelligence via therapeutic massage and body-centred modalities and techniques. 



Experience the ancient, healing power of water.


For those seeking reconnection, stillness and perspective.

60 MINS, 1 person | $80
60 MINS, 2 people | $160
90 MINS, 1 person | $100
90 MINS, 2 people | $180

A private oasis honouring the ancient ritual of bathing. Featuring a traditional hot rock sauna, mineral bath and cold pail shower. The Adytum bathhouse is a private facility, intended to be used by a maximum of two guests (known to each other), per session.


Luxurious spa experiences designed to be enjoyed with close company.

Couples Soak + Serenity

An experience designed to be enjoyed by those attending as a romantic or platonic pair.

120 MINS | $460

This package opens with a restorative bathhouse session to purge toxins and dissipate stress and is followed by a relaxing couples massage to induce a deep level of stillness.

Couples Repose

An experience designed to be enjoyed by those attending as a romantic or platonic pair.

75 MINS | $300

Includes a restorative, couples relaxation massage to induce a deep level of stillness and calm.


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