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About Us

Adytum offers whole-person healing in thoughtfully designed spaces.

Adytum was established by Renee Douros. As a Greek Macedonian, when conceiving Adytum Renee was inspired by the notion of integrating ancient healing modalities, many of which have their roots in Ancient Greece, with highly considered and architecturally designed spaces, inspired by the monolithic forms and sandstone tones of Hellenic ruins. 

The Category

The global wellness market in 2022 was valued at USD $4.5 trillion and is set to hit USD $6.75 trillion by 2030.

Worldwide, the wellness economy represents 5.1% of total GDP, roughly 1 in every 20 “dollars” spent by consumers worldwide is on wellness.

The Opportunity

With various opportunities for involvement including franchising, investment and brand partnerships, there’s no better time to partner in our rapidly growing brand.

Reach Out

Let us know a little more about you to determine if it is a good fit. Kindly allow our team up to seven business days to review your application.



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