Adytum: Philosophy

Adytum is informed by a guiding philosophical underpinning and exists to explore the inextricable connection between self-care and wellness.

Nourishment of the self

Nourishment of the self as a reflective and personalised practice is a subject explored in-depth by Adytum. Adopting varied forms, Adytum’s interest covers the cultivation of private rituals within the home as well as moments of repose offered in public spaces. All of which are unified by a commitment to and a cultivation of enduring personal habits, grounded in practices of self-care and wellness. 

Cultivation of the Third Place

Adytum adopts a progressive approach to self-care and wellness, informed and inspired by the guiding philosophical position of the third place. Theorised by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, the third place ideology suggests that the ‘first place’ is your home, the ‘second place’ is work and the ‘third place’ is the moments and spaces in-between the two. Adytum is an interpretation and exploration of the third place belief. It is fluid and applies to a variety of mediums, both physical and experiential, that aid the individual in manifesting their own third place.

Identifying the Essential 

In the current consumer landscape, filled with visual clutter and information overload, it is in understated quality that the very essence of luxury is found. For this reason, we are dedicated to implementing new choices of simplicity; attempting to create openings for distinction through the innovation of wellness and self-care essentials both from a service and product offering perspective.


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