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Elixir Bar

from 7am-3pm

A high vibration Elixir Bar offering organic cold-pressed juices, tonics and elixirs, herbal teas, organic coffee and a delicious range of nourishing edibles to eat in or takeaway.

All Adytum offerings are organically grown, vegan and GMO free.


We proudly use a Prism coffee blend of
certified organic, fair trade beans.

Our coffees are offered with a choice of
almond mylk, soy mylk, cashew mylk,
oat mylk or coconut mylk.

Espresso | $3.5
Piccolo | $4
Long Black | $4.5/$5.5
Latte | $4.5/$5.5
Flat White | $4.5/$5.5
Cappuccino | $4.5/$5.5
Mocha | $4.5/$5.5
Chai Latte | $5.5
Iced Latte | $5.5


Repose Tea
Soothe + Relax
Scutellaria, chamomile, lemon balm,
passionflower, rose petals and lavender.

Digest Tea
Heal + Cleanse
Flaxseed, honeybush, dandelion root,
liquorice root, cinnamon, pu-erh tea,
rose petals and calendula petals.

Vigour Tea
Energise + Awaken
Green tea, peppermint, dried apple,
calendula and green tea extract.


Served hot or over ice.

Elevate + Enhance
Nut mylk, cacao, maple syrup,
hemp seeds and cinnamon.

Awaken + Cleanse
Astragalus tea, matcha, ashwagandha,
vanilla, cinnamon.

Soothe + Digest
Chai tea, vanilla, coconut oil, cayenne,
coconut sugar.


Verdant | 500ml
Verdant is the perfect union of detoxifying leafy greens including cos lettuce and kale, harmonised with antioxidant and mineral rich cucumber, green apple and lemon.

Cellular Energy | 500ml
Cellular Energy is a dynamic unification of amino acid rich watermelon as well as antioxidant and oxygenating beetroot. The addition of  lemon and ginger enhance and fortify the body’s natural ability to absorb potent phytonutrients. 

Mango Mylk | 500ml
Mango Mylk provides essential adrenal and nervous system support and is abundant in antioxidants from vitamin C rich mango and the anti inflammatory spice tumeric. Ultra hydrating coconut milk and rich chia seeds offer a sustaining base.


Granola Bowl (V) | $12
GH Nutrition Granola, mango puree and coconut yoghurt served with seasonal fruit.

Rich in Vitamin A to support glowing skin and Vitamin C to boost immunity.

Mexican Bowl (V, GF) | $15
Roasted sweet potato, charred sweetcorn, cos lettuce, tomato and red cabbage served with tortilla crisps, avocado, coriander and topped with a tahini dressing. 

Rich in plant fibre and protein to support energy and digestion.

Tabouleh Bowl (V, GF) | $15
Kale, cucumber, grilled eggplant, tomato, parsley, chickpeas, lentils and currants served with hummus, pickled onion and mixed seeds and topped with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. 

A bowl rich in calcium, gut loving fermented foods and plant fibre. 


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