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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Bathe in the healing vibrations of sound at an Adytum Sound Bath in order to promote relaxation and return your system to harmony. 

Utilising a collection of instruments from around the world, at an Adytum Sound Bath you will experience a deeply rejuvenating and healing sound journey with the unique vibrations of the various instruments cultivating the body’s natural healing potential, leaving you in a truly elevated state.

Sound Baths at Adytum are held in an intimate group setting, on the third Monday of every month, commencing at 6.30pm.

Meet your

Clare Netterfield

Clare is Adytum’s Sound Healing practitioner. Clare is a qualified Sound Healer who mixes complimentary modalities of Sound Healing, intuitive energy healing and holistic wellness practicies to allow guests to fulfil their own unique healing needs.

Clare has been facilitating Sound Healing journeys for groups and
individuals in Canberra over the past few years and is passionate about
holding space for others to heal and transform. She intuitively lets the
energy of those in her presence guide her to create unique soundscapes.

Monday 20 June, Monday 18 July, Monday 15 August, Monday 19 September.


Our Sound Healing Practitioner will take you through guided meditations into a deeply nourishing sound journey. Experience a deep sense of peace and a release of tension and stress from your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Clare will hold space for your individual transformation and integration in an intimate group setting. Using various instruments both on the body and atmosphere, you will experience the deeply restorative powers of sound with each sound journey unique and personalised to the group. Sessions also include time for group sharing and quiet reflection. 

Deep relaxation is one of the most significant and universal benefits of sound therapy. Some people also experience deep healing during sound therapy as the sound vibrations open, clear, and balance the chakras. Sound healing also heals on a mental and emotional level, aiding in reducing stress and anxiety, clearing the mind and elevating the participant to a state of serene calm. 

During a Sound Bath, you may feel physical sensations such as tingling in your hands or you may experience a sense of feeling hot or cold. Breathe into the sensations without attaching to them or labeling them. Instead, focus on your breath as you allow them to pass.

  • Bolster (optional)
  • A journal and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Eye pillow or eye mask (optional)
  • Any personal objects you wish to have with you on the journey such as crystals (optional)
  • We suggest you arrive in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. 

Kindly notify Adytum before the Sound Bath if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have a pacemaker
  • Have metal implants (e.g metal screws etc)
  • Are less than 12 weeks pregnant
  • Have sound-induced epilepsy
  • Have any other sound induced medical conditions.


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