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Intuitive Bodywork


Intuitive Bodywork

Intuitive Bodywork

Intuitive bodywork is a holistic, hands-on therapy designed to support the body’s natural healing intelligence via therapeutic massage and body-centred modalities and techniques. 

Guided by the intentions of the client, sessions support people to reconnect with their body in a safe and loving way through compassionate and present touch. By unwinding the body, quieting the mind and accessing deep relaxation states, the receiver can gently surrender outdated emotional and mental patterns, rebalance the nervous system and cultivate greater inner alignment. Sessions can also be immersive, sensory-rich experiences to awaken you to your inner aliveness and take your body on a journey into deep relaxation and bliss. 

Intuitive bodywork views the person in their wholeness and supports a repatterning process within the body and integration on all levels of their being to promote healing and vitality. 

Meet your

Rachel Frost

Rachel is a Holistic Bodyworker, certified in Reiki, Hawaiian and An Mo massage, and as a Tantric practitioner and NLP coach.

Rachel is currently undertaking studies in Body Psychotherapy, sensual embodied dance and Incantation Shamanism.

Rachel is a warm, intuitive and perceptive practitioner who is passionate about evidence-based, body-centred therapies and the use of unconditional presence and relational touch. Underpinning these modalities are the nourishing and transformative powers of stillness and relaxation, deeper connection to ourselves and all of life, and accessing the innate pleasure, wisdom and aliveness within our bodies. 

Through her own healing journey and drawing on a background in Western psychology and academia, Rachel enjoys a keen interest and commitment to understanding psychology, trauma and the human experience, and seeking continual learning and self-development.

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Monday: 11am-5pm


Three styles of bodywork are offered including Hawaiian, Yin and Non-Oil Grounding Bodywork.

It is best to avoid heavy meals and excessive fluid intake a few hours prior to the session as abdominal work is included and it is easier to tune into the body when digestion is not activated. Please also avoid stimulants such as coffee, sugar and energy drinks as this will inhibit the effectiveness of your session because your brain will find it harder to relax.

To get the most out of your session, you may like to think about an intention as to what you wish to gain out of the session or what you are wanting to receive more of or let go of in your life at present.

Intuitive bodywork can support: 

  • Those who experience nervous system imbalances such as chronic stress, busyness, anxiety, worry, chronic fatigue, numbness or depression.
  • Those who experience headache and migraines, neck and back pain, chronic pain or emotional difficulties and imbalances.
  • Those who wish to access deeper relaxation states, increase self-awareness and connection to their body, expand their capacity to live from the heart, practice receiving more deeply or for those wanting to receive or explore their relationship with the yin aspect.
  • These sessions are helpful during life transitions or to support with the integration process of inner work or recent shifts or changes in your life

Benefits may include: 

  • De-stressing, resetting the nervous system and returning to centre.
  • Deeply resting the mind and accessing further layers of relaxation and stillness.  
  • Increased vitality and enhanced quality of sleep.
  • Improved immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Being more in touch with your whole body and being.
  • Accessing deeper and/or subtler layers of surrender, bliss, pleasure and aliveness within your body 
  • Expanded self-awareness and deeper inner alignment.
  • Releasing emotional, mental and energetic holding patterns and blockages.
  • Reconnecting with your inner truth and what makes you feel truly alive.

On occasion, sessions can produce detoxification effects such as fatigue, headache, poor sleep or flu-like symptoms as your body processes an increased amount of metabolic waste. It can also bring up old emotions and unprocessed memories. Drinking plenty of water and giving yourself rest, healthy nutrition and being in nature can support the release of these toxins and integration of the session. Further after-care information is provided following sessions.


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