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Human Design

Human Design 

Human Design is a new spiritual system that supports every aspect of daily life helping to enhance our career, finances, relationships and wellbeing. It provides valuable insights for self-discovery when seeking confirmation of direction or forming an understanding of our unique purpose.

Using your birth date, time and location it creates a roadmap to reveal insight into our human experience as well as the unique gifts, attributes and lessons that our soul agreed to explore in this lifetime.

Human Design shares our unique way of exchanging our energy with the world, guiding us to live with ease and flow.

Meet your

Rose Riley

Rose is a certified Human Design Reader on a mission to transform how we understand the workings of our human condition. Rose supports her clients to reestablish a connection with who they came to be. Highly intuitive, she is a guide in helping us embrace the light and shade of who we are, providing valuable direction on how to move forward by peeling back the layers of conditioning that can have us stuck in self doubt and fears of not being enough.

Rose believes that we are born with everything we need to obtain all the beautiful things in life we desire. That this inner call is a gentle pull towards the direction of a more joyful, expansive and love-filled experience. As a seeker of self-discovery Rose has left no stone unturned in pursuing her own inner work with study not only in Human Design but many aspects of spirituality including meditation, the divine feminine and conscious relationship. This makes her a powerful conduit in understanding how we can best relate to ourselves and those around us.


Human Design is a new spiritual system found in a space between astrology and quantum physics. It’s known as the tool of “The Science of Differentiation”, defining what is within us and our individual uniqueness. Human Design forms a combination of traditional astrology, the chakra system, chinese i-ching and kabbalistic tree of life. It provides a roadmap of our energetic body and soul reincarnation in this lifetime, detailing how our body is leading us where we need to go to best learn our karmic lessons and express our unique gifts and attributes.

Your Human Design Reader will translate your chart into simple and actionable ideas to ensure you gain a firm understanding of your Human Design chart. The intent is that you will leave feeling confident to begin implementing and practicing your design in your day-to-day life.

Typically, what you’ll be guided through during your reading is:

  • Your energy type and whether you are a Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector. This is the highest level of your design and explains how to use your energy and best make decisions according to your energy type.
  • Your profile, the archetype you embody explaining the role you play in life.
  • Your energy centres, gates and channels and how your energy type works best in alignment with your individual strengths and lessons.

Human Design details five energy types, explaining our inner authority on how we are guided to make decisions using our body’s intuition.

  • Generators and Manifesting Generators are here to move us forward by doing what they love.
  • Projectors are here to provide us with guidance and find efficiencies in how we operate.
  • Manifestors are here to inform and create momentum in a certain direction to drive urges into reality.
  • Reflectors are here to observe, mirror and reveal wisdom as the heart of our community.

If you don’t know your birth time you can still have a Human Design reading. While it’s ideal to have the exact timing of your birth, the reader is able to pull charts at different intervals to check for differences within the elements of your Human Design. Typically, the information in a Human Design chart will change at 2 hour intervals so if possible, please provide the approximate time of birth to help facilitate this analysis

Human Design is different from mystical readings such as tarot and mediumship. It is a self-knowledge tool that introduces a range of interconnected spiritual knowledge that layer one after the other. While your reader may be able to provide intuitive guidance in which you may wish to act upon, the intent of the system is not to predict or provide answers about the future but rather the knowledge and understanding of your auric field, to support you through the process of making decisions as you progress on your life path.

To get the most out of your Human Design reading please ensure you arrive on time and provide plenty of time for travel and parking. It’s a good idea to come feeling well rested so that you are fully present to absorb all the information that will be provided during your reading — there is a lot to take in. 

You may wish to bring a notebook to take notes. Alternatively, you can record the reading using the voice memo function on your phone. Oftentimes when clients relisten to their reading they pick up additional insights that may not have been apparent during the initial session.

It may also be helpful prior to the reading to consider the following questions:

  • What are the areas of life that I would like to be focusing more on or want to change?
  • What blocks, fears and self-limiting beliefs are holding me back right now?
  • If I was living as my highest and most powerful self, what would life look like?

It’s highly encouraged to record your Human Design reading using the voice memo function on your phone. Oftentimes when clients relisten to their reading they pick up additional insights that may not have been apparent during the initial session.


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