Art History and Its Methods

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Approaches to the history of art are probably more varied - and more debated - than in any other branch of history, and a study of different historical approaches is becoming an increasingly important component of many academic courses. This anthology of art-historical writings from the Renaissance to the present day has a particular focus, for key texts have been chosen in which the authors themselves reflects on the nature of their subject and on their own methods of inquiry. Included are texts by Vasari, Winckelmann, Burckhardt, Wolfflin, Panofsky, Gombrich and Pollock, among others. The introduction gives a summary of art-historical methods, and each of the texts is accompanied by a brief commentary which places it in context and discusses the issues it raises. Also provided is a critical glossary of art-historical terms, a brief biography of each of the historians, and a select bibliography.


Eric Fernie, Giorgio Vasari, Carel van Mander, Giovanni Pietro Bellori, Johann Joachim Winckelmann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Jacob Burckhardt, William Morris, Giovanni Morelli, Alois Riegl, Heinrich W├Âlfflin, Paul Frankl, Roger Eliot Fry, Henri Focillon, Alfred H. Barr, Erwin Panofsky, Nikolaus Pevsner, Arnold Hauser, Susan Sontag, Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich, William Buller Fagg, Timothy J. Clark, John Onians, Charles Harrison, Mel Ramsden, Svetlana Alpers, Griselda Pollock, Olu Oguibe, Michael Baldwin